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Chardon Eats is a newly formed extension of Chardon Restaurant Week which was established in April of 2021 as a community outreach effort to show support of our local restaurants. 


As CRW has grown over the past 3 years into a true community event, the committee that puts together "Restaurant Week" has decided to add 2 additional events into the mix.  


"Sweet September" will feature the "sweet spots" in Chardon.  We will be highlighting these establishments for the entire month along with participating businesses hopefully offering their own special promotions for people to enjoy all September long!

"Pizza Week" is another new event that will be held January to coincide with National Pizza Week.  Chardon is blessed with many great options for pizza and we want to feature these businesses as well.


Chardon is a small community with a BIG heart! For any local business to flourish it first needs community support to keep them strong.  We hope you will enjoy these upcoming new events to celebrate our town and to support small business.


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